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Urządzenia ultradźwiękowe Łódź

1.Bonding of materials with different metling points.
2.No radiant heat that would melt material and fibers outside the bonding pattern.Materials remain soft and retain air permeability.
3.Lower energy consumption than other methods resulting in major costs savings.
4.Immediate production:No start-up delays due to heat-up times.
5.Cold weld tools allow bonding high loft nonwovens with execeptional bond strength.
6.Compared to adhesive bonding technologies,ultrasonic bonding offers major advantages:

produkcjia włóknin

About Clean Wiper: clean wiper or dust-free cloth, is made from 100% woven polyester fiber, soft in the surface which is suitable for sensitive surface, the fiber won’t drop after rub, has well hydroscopicity and cleaning effect at the same time which is very suitable for dust-free cleansing plant.

włókniny filtracyjne
Converter is an energy conversion device, need many parameters for its performance description and evaluate.

Converter characteristic parameters including: resonant frequency, frequency bandwidth, electromechanical coupling factor, electroacoustic efficiency, mechanical quality factor, impedance characteristic, frequency characteristic, directivity, launch and receive sensitivity and so on.

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